Month: April 2012

Test Ride: mountain bike vs. road bike

Test Ride Eisenbahn Trail (Kewaskum sector)

Andy and I did a quick test ride on the Eisenbahn trail yesterday and got some good feed back.  I brought along my Salsa crossover with 38mm tires and Andy used his Felt Z6 carbon with 23mm tires.  Our worry was that the roadie would have severe jarring from the gravel and tend to washout when peddling.  Not the case in this ride.  The Felt had little trail jarring and absolutely no traction loss.  We both agreed that the Salsa more comfortable in its upright positioning but peddling was more labored than the Felt. ….A lot more.  My personal opinion on this test is the road bike will be able to handle the trail with little penalty in comfort.  Hindsight, our only concern is that the rest of the trial will not be as nice as the area we just tested.

Test ride K-town style:

Bike setup: First Attempt

Because of the amount of gravel we will be traveling on (about 100 miles worth) there has been a lot of talk amongst team members what type of setup will work best.  Should we use a road bikes or should we use a Mountain bikes? Speed vs Comfort.  Heavy bike load or light bike load.

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Window Decals

2012 ALCORE Window Decal

Window decals will be provided to all Team Members. It has the ALCORE logo, website and QR code for those tech savvy individuals.  This added embelishment will totally trick out your ride!