Bike setup: First Attempt

Because of the amount of gravel we will be traveling on (about 100 miles worth) there has been a lot of talk amongst team members what type of setup will work best.  Should we use a road bikes or should we use a Mountain bikes? Speed vs Comfort.  Heavy bike load or light bike load. So to test out the Mountain bike side of things, I sprung for some Bontrager hardcase  700 x 38 tires (which is a skinny tire in comparison to a MTB tire) and will be testing it out on my Salsa El Mariachi on the gravel path to see how it performs.  Other additions to this setup is a seat post bike rack and Aero Bars. Note* Aero Bars will also be used for a forward mount GoPro camera.  I will also be adding water bottles vs a hydration back pack, to keep the weight off the back.  Test to follow, so stay tuned….

(see attached)

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