Month: May 2012


Today I totaled up my electronic footprint for the trip and I ended up with a couple of really great tools to use for content.  I have the GoPro-Hero 2 gifted to me by my fellow riders (thanks once again all!). This is a nifty little camera that shoots big video. I’m talking 1080p  big video.  The case it comes in is water proof and it has a fantastic fisheye lens to cover a wide shooting range.  I also purchased extra batteries and 2 video cards so I can cover as much video during the day as possible.  At the end of each day I will be backing up all of our video with a Western Digital portable hard drive. This little drive has a whopping 1 TB storage capacity which should be more than enough storage for this trip.  Last but not least, I’m bring my trusty iPhone.  Not only does it shoot video but more importantly it will be my portable computer. It has GPS to plot our ride, couple of great apps like “Map my Ride” and “Strava” to collect all of our riding data, and a means of updating everyone during our trip from our website.  The only thing I may add to this list is a point and shoot camera for some still shots along the way.



Every great ride has to be followed up by a great beer (At least it does for me).

So the fine people at Derra Brewing decided to sponsor the ride with our self named beer E-THUG. This wonderful Ale represents all the back and forth smack talk we email each other behind the scenes (most of which comes out of our westward riders…. and go figure!).   So sit back and enjoy a little E-THUG in your life.

Tire Selection

Just recieved via parcel 2 x Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700 x 28c tires. Wire bead may make it tougher to install. Will test ride and give update. They feel about as puncture resistent as you can get so as long as they roll well on the tarmac we s/b good to go. tires website