Month: June 2012

Base Camp Retro Style

Our last day before the beginning of our ride.  Tensions are high, people are nervous, the unknown slapping us in the face. It doesn’t get any better than this.  Our biggest concern is weather of course because  Thursday is suppose to jump to 100˚.  I’m worried about the riders and how we’re going to deal with that.  I talked to John for awhile about it yesterday and I think we just bike early and rest up during the hot afternoon sun.  This is more of a relay ride and I don’t expect all of us to make the entire 262 miles so if we divide up the group and give each other enough breaks I think we will be just fine.

I was able to get a great snapshot of our “Base Camp Retro Style” 1970’s popup.  It in fabulous condition considering it was fabricated before I was born and has that O’ so sweet “look at me, I’m a camper” feel to it.  I figured I’d post a photo so you can soak in the glory.

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Its Official….








Yes, we even have t-shirts and a car flag…..  Courtesy of Kroeger Labeling.  Thanks so much everyone!!


Kit Fitment issue

Kit Fitment issue

We’ve had a bit of a setback with fitment on our gear……manufacturer’s reparations – TBD.


Murray Brothers Training in Wisconsin

John and Tom Murray on a nice ride in Wisconsin. Thanks for sending the vid!!

Bike Setup – Romey

here’s what i am thinking……..

Nutrition – What should we bring

Andy Gradisher gave us a nice writeup of what we should be eating/drinking for the trip.  Thanks Andy! High carb, low fat It’s easy for the body to use the carbs for energy during the ride. Fats and proteins will take too long and the ride maybe over by the time those are used. Also

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Bike Setup – Epp

Sean’s setup for the ALCORE.   It’s light, It’t fast and O-so pretty!

2012 “Epp-tastic” Ride


Training for the ALCORE Ride

Here’s a great little video of Jerome and Joe on a training ride for the ALCORE.  I’m proud of both of these hipsters getting the job done on a beautiful bike filled afternoon.  Enjoy!



2012 ALCORE Kits


Kits are in and turned out great!!!

I Just want to thank Sean Epp for hooking us up with Verge Sport (  They turned out fantastic and they got these done for us in a short amount of time.  Much appreciated!


Bike Setup Part 2

Its getting closer to the ALORE ride and with that my next to finished bike setup.  I decided to install lay down bars on the bike because it gives me another option for hand positioning.  I added an extra storage bag for all the extra electronics I will be taking along.  I figure I have to take extra batteries, memory cards and digital camera, along with food and bike repair kits so there’s a lot there in a small foot print.  Last but not least I found two 32oz water bottles for the trip but to be honest there not working out as I planned.  The bottles squirt out onto my leg when I go over bumps.  So I might have to re-evaluate the bottle situation or enjoy the leg spitting.  Take a looks see and tell me what you think.


Randy sent me over what he had so far and I’m really impressed. I especially like the the upright water bottle hanger on the top tube. Good work Randy!!