We did it! A total of 264+ miles.

What a long strange trip its been.  After 4 days of petal power riding, Team ALCORE made it to Lake Tomahawk with out a scratch…. Sort of.  In any adventure there are always the unknowns you have to deal with, that you don’t expect, that you have to adjust too along the way.  Wednesday was just plain fun, Thursday was heat, Friday was hills, and Saturday was traffic.  Our team had to adjust to unforseen trail conditions, we had to double up our water intake because of the weather, and the sunburn ouch!  But through all of this, we had a great time enjoying the beautiful Wisconsin country side and reflecting about life.  I want to give a special thanks to Troy Risse and Mark Lighthizer for making this trip not only possible, but a delight to ride.  Troy was our camp “cookie”, setting up camp, getting tents up, food prepared, chairs out, fires started….. and then break it all down and set it up again at the next camp site.  Mark was our chase vehicle suppling us with water, food, and other necessities.  He traveled to our pitstops and came back to meet us if we needed help.  So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.  

As for me, this ride was specifically for my wife Alison.  I had a lot of time to reflect about what we went through and the memories we’ve made that will never be forgotten.  I still miss Al like crazy and I know she’s proud of what we’ve all accomplished.  There are a lot of other things you can say about this trip but it really comes down to family and friends showing there love and respect we had for her and the willingness to keep going even when the going got tough. I’m so proud of everyone for making the trip, and doing everything they could make it a success.  

Here are some stats on the trip I think you will enjoy.

Day 1         56.1 total miles
                   3:41:13  Moving time
                   772 ft elevation gain
Day 2         67.3 total miles
                   5:13:34  Moving time
                   967 ft elevation gain
Day 3         78.9 total miles
                   5:52:44  Moving time
                   2348 ft elevation gain
Day 4         62.4 total miles
                   4:54:02  Moving time
                   1375 ft elevation gain
Total miles 264.7
Total elevation gain 5462 ft.
Total moving time 19:41:43
More photos to come…. and a short film to get started on.

One comment on “We did it! A total of 264+ miles.

  1. Shannon
    July 5, 2012 at 1:55 pm #

    What an awesome way to show your love!! I admire you greatly!! I saw you leaving Slinger and it was absolutely amazing and it brought on a chill and several tears. Life sure is precious and you help me to remember this daily and appreciate what I have with my friends, family and mostly my kids. I truly never try to take anything for granted!! And though I dont know you as well as I should, I clearly dont thank you enough for helping me see what really matters in life. I am a life you are touching without even trying…. 🙂

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