About Alison

My wife Alison “Schmeling” Foerster grew up in Slinger WI about 40 miles north of Milwaukee.  She came from a loving family of four (Parents Tom and Chris, with sisters Christy and Steph).  She went to Slinger High School where Al and I met in German Class.  From that moment forward I couldn’t get enough of her.  We where high school sweet hearts and ended up marrying in College and starting a family.  Our two daughters Elizabeth and Hannah are the greatest gift we could’ve ever given each other and will forever thank her for giving me such wonderful girls.  We decided it would be best for Al to be a stay at home mom for 9 years, and in that time received her Social Work degree and Teaching degree, ultimately becoming a teacher in the Slinger school district.

In May of 2010 my wife Alison started having some hip pain and leg numbness in her right leg back .  At first it was just a slight problem and thought it just had to do with “getting older”.  We finally decided Al needed to stop “sucking it up” and get some answers.  We went through many x-rays, chiropractic care, bone scans and physical therapy.  After months of these various treatments we always ended up with the same hip pains.

Then in December of 2010, we where recommended to go to a orthopedic doctor. He ordered an MRI and the results they found were not good.  The MRI revealed a cancerous tumor on the side of her hip about 30 cm long. It was rare form of Synovial Sarcoma Cancer. Unfortunately that was not the only bad news. After some more tests, they discovered that the cancer had spread into her lungs.  For nine and a half months Alison fought tooth and nail, battling this horrible cancer but to no avail.  Alison was taken from us on Oct 5th 2011 and I will never be the same without her.

My Favorite video of Al and I talking together.

A good video of Alison calling me out because I was late.

2 comments on “About Alison

  1. Tom
    March 31, 2012 at 12:39 pm #

    Corey,I am at Triggs coffee shop and have read all I could that has been written, and the things all your friends have done for this event. I am crying and great full at the same time. Crying because we miss her so much it hurts. Great full because of the memories she has left us, and the gift of showing us all how to live life to the maximum. We struggle everyday to stay positive and (suck it up) as Alison liked to say!! I thank GOD every day for the blessing of our family and ask His help and strength to live as I know Alison would want me to.

    I used up all the table napkins so it must be time to move on.


    • harddays4me
      April 4, 2012 at 9:11 am #

      Well said Dad, and I’m at a loss of words right now. In so many ways you are exactly right. Al has taught me so many things and I’m continuing to learn from her to this very day. Thank you so much for the fantastic post.


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