The ALCORE 2014 has been revised and is closing in on the final stages.

Date: June 26th, 27th, and 28th.
Ride Leader: Troy Risse
Treasure / VP: Jerome Alton
Fund Raiser / Party: Angie Alton
Total Miles: 248

Wednesday night June 25th (Operation Bilda’s):
Team members are to arrive in Slinger.
Send off Fundraiser Party to begin at 5:00 – till you pass out.

Thursday June 26th (Operation Taco Cat):
Starting point: Slinger (Community Park)
Ending point: Sheboygan
Miles: 56.5
Sleeping accommodations: Hotel / Possible Camp

Friday June 27th (Operation Blacken Nut):
Starting Point: Sheboygan
Ending Point: Egg Harbor
Note* Century ride 106.4 miles
Sleeping accommodations: Cabin’s

Saturday June 28th (Operation Pretty Trees)
Starting & Ending point: Egg Harbor (Door County Loop)
Note* 91.7 miles total
Sleeping accommodations: Cabin’s

Sunday June 29th (Operation Pack’em up)
Say good bye to good friends. Hold your head high ladies and gentlemen, we did it.
Location: home

For more information on the ride go to:


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