Why We Ride

This ride is for my wife Alison. She is and will forever be my hero.  Through her fight with cancer, not once did she ever say “why me?”. The only thing Al would repeatedly tell me was “I’m going to keep fighting and beat this”.   Alison was always worried about our family and never for her own well being. She took on every procedure, every chemo, every surgery head on, and without complaint.  To this very day I am still learning from her and get reminded of how many lives she touched.  With all of this, I felt there was a need to celebrate Alison’s life and bring awareness to Sarcoma cancers.  So I decided to have a fundraiser and combined this with one of the things that Alison loved best. Bicycle riding in Wisconsin.

For Alison, Wife, mother, daughter, Sister, Aunt, and friend… we ride for her.

One comment on “Why We Ride

  1. Sharon Belk
    April 3, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    There has never been a day since Al’s passing that I have not thought about her. It still seems so unreal for me. I still look down the hall at school waiting for her to walk out of her room to say hello. Now that spring has arrived, I look at a shrub that I talked Al into buying and I bought one as well,waiting for it to bloom. It’s a beautiful shrub as well was a beautiful person. If I’d be twenty years younger, I’d be right there pedaling with ya, checkin out the boys butts on the way…but know that I am with you and and your family always, always in my heart..Sharon

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